And this is the video that unnerved me. 

I don’t even care if it’s fake, I’m just kinda creeped out right now.


Wait I’m kind of confused?

Do you see the face in the first gif? 


Me: Goes to sixpenceee’s blog, finds this, sees nothing. Reads comments, scrolls back up, promptly throws computer out the window.

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A warning about those thinking about accessing the shadow web

This story fascinated me, I’d love to know if there was anymore proof/stories about the shadow web.

Warning; may be triggering, and is some freaky shit.

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T.J. Lane, who appeared in court wearing a t-shirt with the word “KILLER” in marker across his chest will spend the rest of his life in prison for the shooting rampage at Chardon High School on Feb. 27, 2012.

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Irish Folklore - The Banshee

The Banshee, from the Irish bean-sídhe (“woman of the síde” or “woman of the fairy mounds”) is a female spirit in Irish mythology, usually seen as an omen of death and a messenger from the Otherworld. Her Scottish counterpart is the bean shìth.

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The Green Lady Of St. Stephen’s Green

"The Green Lady of St Stephen’s Green, Dublin, features in a sad story of marital disharmony. A beautiful young woman became madly jealous of her husband and watched his every move suspiciously. She nagged him constantly until eventually they separated. The young mother live ‘on the green’ with her children, David and Isa. Perhaps because the boy had all the features of her estranged husband, his mother maligned him. His sister, however, received her adoration and enjoyed every attention.

David took to closeting himself in a large empty room upstairs. His health failed and he became morose. Isa came upon him unexpectedly one day and was amazed to find him happy and cheerful - almost looking healthy. He told her that he had seen a beautiful lady dressed in green, who had seemed about to join in his game of skittles when Isa interrupted.

'She is tall, with deep blue eyes and her skin is as fair as a lily. Her gorgeous red hair falls in ringlets down her back,' he said.

David’s joy was short-lived. The same evening his mother summoned him to the drawing room to meet a big, stern-looking man.

'He is going to be your stepfather, David, and you will address him as “sir”,' she said.

David became more miserable than ever and when the wedding took place the man was permanently ensconced in their home, he began treating David even more harshly than his mother had done. The boy’s health deterioration as rapidly as did his spirits. He was feeling so utterly dejected that he did not want to live any longer.

Late one night Isa was in bed when she heard voices in the top room. She got out of bed, put on her slippers and crept upstairs. She listened at the door of the room and heard David say, ‘Oh that would be so nice. Thank you very much.’

Isa opened the door and saw her brother in his nightshirt sitting on the floor.

‘Why are you not in your bedroom? You should be asleep by now. Mama will be furious if she finds you here,’ she said.

‘Oh you awful thing, you frightened her away,’ David replied crossly.

‘Talking to your silly Green Lady, I suppose?’ Isa sneered.

‘Yes, and she told me the most wonderful thing. She says she is going to take me to a place where I will always be happy,’ David smiled.

Isa scolded him, saying he was stupid. She told him to go back to his bedroom and she would inform their mother. David obeyed and soon they were both asleep in their own rooms.

As the city bells were tolling midnight, Isa awoke. Above their peals, she could hear a woman’s most beautiful voice singing in a strange air. She thought of David’s story and went to see if he had gone back upstairs. She checked his room but he was sleeping soundly. She was about to returned to her room when the singing began again. Then her mother and stepfather came from their room and servants gathered at the bottom of the stairs all looking frightened.

‘Sure as God, it’s the Banshee’ one of them whispered.

After a while, the singing stopped and they all returned to their rooms.

When Isa came down to her breakfast, the cook was standing outside the kitchen, idly cleaning a basin but looking anxiously upstairs.

‘That’s three anyway, thank heavens,’ she said ‘but your brother is usually first down.’

Isa went into the dining room where her mother and stepfather were talking about the stupidity of people who believed in ghosts and Banshees and the like.

‘Is your brother not with you? Go get him this instant,’ her mother ordered.

Isa went to David’s room but he was not in bed, she went to the deserted room upstairs but he was not there either. She rushed back and told everybody and a search of the house and its out-offices began. There was no sign of the lad.

Then the gardener spoke up. ‘Did youse try the ladder that leads to the attic where the water tank is?’

‘What would he be doing going up there? The stepfather asked sceptically.

‘You’d never know sir.’

‘Well, you go and look so.’

The gardener went up and returned with the dripping body of the bot in his arms,’ he murmered to the horrified gathering.

‘I knew it was the Banshee we hear,’ the cook wailed.

‘No, it was his Green Lady,’ Isa whispered.”

- ‘Irish Ghost Stories’ - Padraic O’ Farrell


WKCR Signal Hijacking Incident

The recording is from the mid 1990s and is from a late night broadcast on Columbia University’s WKCR radio station in New York City.

I tried to find more information about the hacking itself, but couldn’t find much. I’m unsure if this was a real event, but this audio made me so unbearably uncomfortable. It was really horrifying. 

Skip to around 20 seconds to hear it.  

This is where I got the audio from: X

Where you can find more terrifying posts like this: X

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Ted Bundy - after execution. 

The ‘Wow!’ Signal

Rewind to 1977. Dr Jerry Ehman, a volunteer for SETI searching for Extraterrestrial Intelligence was scanning radio waves from space, and what he found as had us baffled to this day.

Finding a signal that lasted only for 72 seconds, it appeared to be transmitting from a place no human has ever gone before, this signal came from the constellation Sagittarius near a star called Tau Sagittarii – 120 light years away

Ehman wrote the words “Wow!” on the printout of the signal.

All attempts to trace the signal again as failed, which has lead to much controversy about it’s origins and meaning.

The Voynich Manuscript

I know, even the name’s a mouthful, but the name is the least of scientist’s, historians, and language experts worries. The scripts inside, strange drawings of plants, that do not exist, and strange diagrams have confused anyone who has read it for years.

The book itself was named after the Polish/American book seller M. Voynich, who acquired the book, which boasts 240 pages of an unknown language. The Voynich Manuscript has been carbon dated back to between 1024 and 1438, the author of the book is still unknown.

It feels like I am picking hairs here trying to give you information, but so little is known about the book that it is very hard to find information. What can you say about a book when you don’t understand the language inside of it? Nor the pictures. Will we ever decipher what’s inside? Maybe Tom Hanks could make a film about it, but even then I don’t think we would ever known what truly lied beneath the pages. There are many theories about the origins of the book, and who the author was – one of them even being that it was written by a mad man, which would make perfect sense…